Our Story


Farah El Charkawy started her professional career as an arbitration lawyer after receiving her Masters degree in law.

Taken by the unique beauty of French pastry shops and their mesmerizing aroma that she encountered every day on her way to law school, Farah felt she had a strong calling into the world of French pastry.

Since then, the idea of opening her own pastry shop has been lingering in her mind. “One day, I’ll have my own salon de thé” is the caption she shared as her social media’s bio in 2012 to remind herself not to give up on her dream. She kept chasing the dream for years till she came across the legendary’s Alain Ducasse pastry school in France and found herself applying to what later became her first professional pastry degree.

Now, Farah is taking her first steps towards her vision to introduce a new perspective of Pastry in Egypt. This first step we are excited to bring to your doorsteps is “Fôu”, after a nickname only one dear person calls her by, her mother.


Flavors are perceived through a magical combination of smell, taste and touch. The philosophy behind Fôu is to create desserts that intrigue the senses, imagination and emotions of our customers. Embracing the concept of “architecture du goût” (flavor construction), Fôu creates flavors and textures that are meticulously designed and crafted together to unfold in harmony in every single bite. To make this possible, Fôu devoted extensive dedication and time into understanding the unique characteristics of every ingredient that goes into its recipes to bring to our customers a unique fusion of tastes that will captivate their senses.